Diamond Energy Review

Diamond Energy is one of Australia's greenest electricity providers, generating more renewable energy than its customers consume.

Published: Nov 10, 2023

Diamond Energy


Diamond Energy claims to be “Australia’s greenest electricity provider”. Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide agrees, giving Diamond Energy a perfect score for its efforts towards bringing more renewable energy. Diamond Energy delivers more energy generated from renewable sources to the grid than its consumers consume. 

Diamond Energy provides electricity in:

  • VIC

  • NSW

  • SA

  • QLD

Pricing and Plans

Comparing prices is only helpful if you compare it with your energy usage. Head over to your energy dashboard to see your plan pricing for Diamond Energy.

Does Diamond Energy Offer Gas?

Diamond Energy does not have any gas plans.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

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Total Reviews

Google Review

3.6 out of 5

42 reviews

Product Review

3.9 out of 5

99 reviews

Positive reviews mention:

  • Satisfaction with using a green energy company

  • Good customer service

Negative reviews mention:

  • Dissatisfaction with electricity rates and solar feed-in tariffs

Renewable Energy Initiatives


Diamond Energy gives you the option to add GreenPower to your electricity plans. Under the GreenPower scheme, a portion of your home’s power is generated from renewable sources

You can either add 100% GreenPower or 50% GreenPower to your Diamond Energy plans for the following additional charges:

  • 100% GreenPower: 5.50¢/kWh

  • 50% GreenPower: 2.75¢/kWh

Diamond Energy’s Green Investments

Diamond Energy feeds more electricity sourced from renewable energy generators into the grid than its customers consume. The energy company is expanding its renewable energy portfolio, which includes solar, battery, biogas and wind, across Australia.

Diamond Energy is also helping Australian communities like retirement villages, community renters, renters, public housing, and regional businesses, with solar system installations for lower electricity bills. 

Solar Energy & Solar Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariff

Diamond Energy offers a standard solar feed-in tariff rate of 5.2¢/kWh across the board.

Solar System Solutions

Diamond Energy provides solar and battery solutions with support from the team at every step of the installation process. There are a few ways you can get solar and battery systems installed in your home:

  • Pay-as-you-go and Energy-as-a-service 

This offering involves a third party that owns and maintains the solar and battery system. You pay Diamond Energy the electricity bill and a fixed rate for the energy consumed from the system. When the agreement ends, you own the system.

  • Full or Part-Financed solutions

Diamond Energy allows you to finance the whole or a part of the solar and battery system in regular instalments. 

  • Pay up-front solutions

This will give you full access to all the benefits the solar and battery system has to offer.

Billing and Payment Options

Diamond Energy allows you to pay online, using credit and debit cards, direct debit, on the phone and in person at an NAB branch.

Manage Diamond Energy Online

Diamond Energy has a basic online portal where you can log in and access your bills, make payments and view your recent electricity usage.

Diamond Energy does not have a mobile app.

Contact Diamond Energy 

Customers have largely had a positive experience with Diamond Energy’s customer support team.

You can call Diamond Energy at 1300838009 from 8.30am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday, or send them an email, customerservice@diamond-energy.com

Diamond Energy’s Additional Benefits

  • A 2% discount if you make the full payment by the due date

  • A 2% ongoing discount if you successfully refer someone to join Diamond Energy


ABN: 32 652 391 378

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