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On average Aussies are paying 11% more for their energy than necessary*

I built SolvingZero to filter through the thousands of plans to find the most affordable and greenest plan for a home. I believe Aussies deserve access to affordable energy, and in 2023 that energy can be green.

* Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

Aussie homes emit 630kgs of CO2 for every MWh of energy

Some maths... A standard passenger car emits 1,626kgs of carbon a year. The standard Aussie house uses around 4MWh a year, which means a normal Aussie home is the equivalent of an extra 1.5 cars on the road each year.

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Purpose built to find affordable green energy

Emissions Rating

We use over a dozen different sources and tools to calculate the carbon emissions of your home. Want to know how it works?

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Using trusted goverment data

Cost Savings

All of our calculations are based on data that comes straight from the Australian Energy Regulator and your meter, no weird stuff. Check out how we do it.

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Expert Advice

SolvingZero is built to help Aussies use their energy data to save money while also cutting down on their emissions. The recommendations on the site are based on piles of research and govenrmnet maintained data regarding the energy market.


SolvingZero is 100% independent, no shady business. We don't sell your details, make annoying sales calls, or give biased recommendations. The goal is to provide actionable insights about your home energy, giving you the options to make the right choice.

How we make money

All of the analysis we provide is free, helping you optimise your energy is the priority. We do accept compensation from some of the reccomended products but this in no way affects our recommendations, all recommnendations are based on data only.

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