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What is SolvingZero?

I'm building SolvingZero with the sole purpose to help Aussies save money on their energy and lower their emissions.

A while back my mum asked me if I could help her find an affordable and green energy provider for her home, I was shocked how hard it was to find a straight answer for her.

I decided to build a spreadsheet that gave her pricing and emissions data on each energy provider. After several iterations this became SolvingZero, which has now exapnded to cover a wider specutrm of complex energy related decisions centered around that same ultimate goal of saving money and lowering emissions.

Sam - Founder

I'm building SolvingZero from scrach as a self taught dev. Before this I worked on a wide spectrum of startups from my own crowdfunded project, tiny seed startups, and to large VC backed companies in San Francisco.

I'm looking for co-founders, if you'd like to build a company in climate tech with me then head over to here

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ABN: 32 652 391 378

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