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Each article below is our own in-depth analysis of popular energy topics. In each article we take a deep dive into a specific topic with the goal to paint a more vivid picture on the state of green energy in Australia.

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Depending on who you ask there are a few ways that CO2 emissions can be calculated for your home, and the energy provider you use.

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How does SolvingZero access a homes energy data and then how is that used to help make better informed purchasing decisions.


Greenwashing is the practice of exaggerating a company’s sustainability credentials through misleading marketing and communications to make the company appear more green than it actually is.


A Carbon footprint is the activities in our lives where we produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and its sent into the atmosphere. The average Aussie produces nearly 5,000 kilos of carbon a year.

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A solar panel is a seemingly complex technology of silicon wafers, that absorb photons from the sun and transform that energy into an electrical current of electrons.


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