How does SolvingZero work?

How does SolvingZero access a homes energy data and then how is that used to help make better informed purchasing decisions.

Sam Bendat

Mar 06, 2024

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SolvingZero has been authorised and approved to read your energy data! If you want to read more about how it works, visit the Consumer Data Standards website.

We had to do a lot of compliance work and talk to a bunch of lawyers but we can read your data through a secure government led data intiative. It's a brand-new program and one of the first of its kind!

Your energy provider passes us your energy data when you allow it

When we read your energy data, we ask your energy provider to share the data that comes straight from the smart energy meter in your home.

Its actually crazy but your energy provider has been holding onto your data this whole time and it was really hard for anyone to access it!

For some providers out there, they maybe showed you your data via their app, or for some of us there was no app and we were totally in the dark!

Regardless of who you are with, your energy provider collects all that information and stores it away. With your permission, SolvingZero can now access this information in a few clicks and help you turn it into valuable insights for your home.

It is completely free and without bias, just your data cleaned up and calculated to show you the facts.

An example of how you could use your data to make smarter decisions and save money

For example, if we know how much energy you are using every hour of the day, like say you use a lot of energy from 8pm to 10pm then we can go and find you a plan that has cheap rates from 8pm to 10pm. Simple things like this can be a huge win as you will save a few hundred dollars a year on a better energy plan!

But it gets better...

Lets make it a bit more complicated, say maybe in winter you use a lot of energy from 5pm to 8pm but in summer you use more energy from 1pm to 4pm. Well now we need the best plan that accomodates both of these critera.

SolvingZero can instantly read through the 13,000 energy plans in Australia and find you the best one for your home! Now we are saving you even more money than ever before!

It would be easy for us to create an algorithm that searches through all those plans and finds you the best one!

This is what SolvingZero is meant for, taking your complex data and using it to find the best decisions you can make for your home!

Using your energy consumption data to figure out what size of a solar system would be best for your lifestyle

Calculating energy plans is cool, but what about creating the perfect personalised solar system that suits your exact energy consumption patterns? This could, in theory, save you thousands of dollars!

No running around in the dark, or getting sold unsuitable systems from dodgey solar installers.

The SolvingZero solar tool uses your own energy consumption patterns to calculate the most optimal solar setup for your roof. Your energy provider lets us know your address, which we use to look up some complex weather data for your area.

With that weather data we can forecast how much sunlight your home will get every day of the year by using the last eight years of histrocial data. We use the National Renewable Energy Labrarotry data sets to caclualte all of this, which is the same data that every solar installer app is built on. Basically its industry level data for your home! We can even find out which roof direction better suits your energy needs.

For example, if you use a lot of solar in the late afternoon or evening, then we recommend facing some of your panels northwest or west to shift your solar generation to those times. Want to buy a battery or a energy efficenct hot water heater, face some panels north to optimise for an afternoon storage of energy.

SolvingZero will show you exactly how much money you can expect to save by modelling a solar system on your roof given your energy consumpiton patterns. It removes all of the guesswork from purchasing solar.

Our recommendations are based on what you want and what your lifestyle needs, not the suspicious advice of someone who makes more money the more they sell you.

Use your own energy data to inform your big energy decisions

You will save more money using your energy data to inform your energy decisions. It seems like an obvious point to make but its something none of us ever did.

If you haven't already connected your energy to SolvingZero, give it a shot, its free and you could save thousands by making better informed choices for you and your home.


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