Building a company

At the moment SolvingZero is just one person. I've been building and funding this project on my own, so unfortunately I don't have the resources to hire anyone just yet.

That being said I am always on the look out for a co-founder who's brave enough to come work on a new software product.

There is a unique oppurtunity here to build a cutting edge product using mountains of easily accessible energy and banking data. The possibilites to leverage that data to help people people lower their emissions while saving money is huge. It's a rare oppurtunity to build a SaaS product that can have a direct impact on the climate crisis.

If you have solid experince in software development, data science, or the A to Z skillset of digital marketing it'd be great to chat. You can find me on Linkedin or email me at

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ABN: 32 652 391 378

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