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Nectr Energy Review

Nectr Energy offers 100% carbon-neutral electricity plans and offers some more sustainable energy options.

Published: Nov 10, 2023

Nectr Energy


Nectr is an energy provider with a focus on cleaner energy products. Nectr mainly spotlights its solar products, 100% carbon-neutral electricity plans and investment in sustainable sources.

Nectr provides electricity in:

  • VIC

  • NSW

  • QLD

  • ACT

Pricing and Plans

Comparing prices is only helpful if you compare it with your energy usage. Head over to your energy dashboard to see your plan pricing for Nectr Energy.

Does Nectr Offer Gas?

Nectr does not offer gas.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

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Total Reviews

Google Review

3.9 out of 5

394 reviews

Product Review

3.9 out of 5

136 reviews

Positive reviews mention:

  • Competitive energy rates

  • Good customer service

  • Easy to sign up with Nectr online

Negative reviews mention:

  • A few months of inaccurate underestimation of usage followed by a sudden massive bill

  • Unreliable meter reading

  • Customers rejected service due to incorrect credit score reports

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Nectr only offers one electricity plan in all the states — Nectr 100% Clean plan. This plan is 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost. Nectr has been certified by Climate Active.

Nectr also claims to invest in projects that remove or reduce emissions, which include hydropower plants and wind farms in various countries.   

Solar Energy & Solar Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariff

Nectr offers solar feed-in tariffs in all of its states. Following are the rates you can expect, depending on your location:

  • VIC: 4.9¢/kWh

  • NSW: 4.4¢/kWh

  • QLD: 3.85¢/kWh

  • ACT: 4.4¢/kWh

Solar System Installation

Nectr provides solar solutions as some of its key offerings. Nectr offers complete installation of solar systems which include solar panels, inverters and batteries. The installation is carried out by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers who are certified and trained to ensure that all necessary Australian Standards are met and industry best practices are followed.

The solar panel installation comes bundled with a 100% carbon offset electricity plan, locked in for 3 years.

Billing and Payment Options

Nectr sends a monthly bill that can be paid by direct debit.

Manage Nectr Energy Online

You can manage your Nectr account by logging in to your account on the website or via the Nectr mobile app. On the mobile app, you can:

  • Track your energy usage in real-time

  • Compare your energy usage history

  • Track how much solar energy was fed into the grid in half-hourly increments and a daily graph

  • Get precise billing by submitting your meter readings

  • Take advantage of 24/7 online support

Contact Nectr 

Nectr’s customer service has received mixed reviews.

You can contact Nectr’s team in the following ways:

Nectr’s Additional Benefits

  • All of Nectr’s electricity plans have fixed energy rates for 12 months

  • If you opt for solar panel installation with Nectr, the energy plan pricing during the three-year contract term will remain the same

  • $50 bill credit available on sign-up


ABN: 32 652 391 378

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