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Globird Energy Review

GloBird prides themselves on being an affordable provider with a great reputation across Australia.

Published: Nov 13, 2023

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Globird Energy pride themselves on being an affordable provider with an excellent reputation that operate throughout Australia.

The states that Globird currently services are:

  • NSW

  • VIC

  • QLD

  • ACT

  • SA

However, when it comes to green energy policies, they have virtually no green energy programs outside the government-mandated programs. 

Pricing and Plans

Comparing pricing is only helpful if you compare it with your energy usage. No two houses are the same so it's impossible to accurately calculate this without knowing your data.

Head over to your energy dashboard to see your plan pricing for Globird Energy.

Offers Gas

Globird Energy provides gas and electricity services to all homes they service. You can bundle gas and electricity together or choose each separately through their website.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

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Total Reviews

Google Review

4.6 out of 5

1,969 reviews

Product Review

4.7 out of 5

2,281 reviews

Positive reviews mention:

  • Fast and helpful customer service over email and the phone

  • Easy to open an account

  • Satisfied with the pricing

Negative reviews mention

  • Prices rise too fast

  • Prices are expensive

  • Confusing prices and feed-in-tariffs when you have solar

Customer Service and Support

Overall, customer support has received positive reviews, with most customers resolving their issues within less than an hour.

Customer support for Globird Energy is available from:

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Globird buys all of its energy from the grid, which emits a large amount of CO2 for the energy used.

Globird Energy offers the GloGreen energy plan that purchases offsets to cover the CO2 emitted by the household.

Solar Energy

Globird Energy can offer competitive rates for its solar feed-in tariff, with some plans having a variable rate that changes throughout the day. Such as...

  • 10am to 2pm paying ¢3.9

  • 4pm to 9pm paying ¢10.6

  • All other times paying ¢5.5

These pricing and hours can change depending on your postcode. Use this only as a guide.

Billing and Payment Options

Globird offers multiple forms of payment with little to no credit card processing fees. However, if you ask for a paper bill, you will get hit with a small paper bill fee.


ABN: 32 652 391 378

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