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Lumo Energy Review

Lumo Energy is a 100% Australian-owned energy provider connecting gas and electricity in Victoria and South Australia.

Published: Nov 03, 2023

Lumo Energy


Lumo Energy is a 100% Australian-owned energy provider. 

With Snowy Hydro Limited, one of Australia’s oldest renewable energy generators, as its parent company, Lumo Energy prides itself on having a Climate Active carbon neutral certification for its Australian business operations.

Lumo Energy provides electricity in:

  • VIC

  • SA

Pricing and Plans

Comparing prices is only helpful if you compare it with your energy usage. Head over to your energy dashboard to see your plan pricing for Lumo Energy.

Does Lumo Energy Offer Gas?

Lumo Energy provides gas in both Victoria and South Australia. You can either bundle electricity and gas together or get a separate connection for either gas or electricity. 

Customer Feedback and Reviews

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Total Reviews

Google Review

1.4 out of 5

519 reviews

Product Review

1.5 out of 5

1090 reviews

Positive reviews mention:

  • Seamless process of switching to Lumo Energy

  • Competitive pricing

Negative reviews mention:

  • Poor customer service

  • Unreliable bills

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Carbon Neutral Gas in South Australia

Lumo Energy offers customers in South Australia an option to opt-in to carbon neutral gas at an additional cost. This product offsets the carbon emissions from your natural gas usage.

You’ll be charged an extra 0.242¢/MJ if you opt for this product.


GreenPower is an Australian Government program where the energy provider buys renewable energy to power your home. Lumo Energy allows you to buy 10% GreenPower, where 10% of your electricity usage will come from renewable sources, at an additional cost of 4.84¢/kWh. This is available in both VIC and SA. 

Solar Energy & Solar Feed-in Tariff

Lumo Energy offers solar feed-in tariffs on all its plans in both SA and VIC. The rate is the same across the board — 5.5¢/kWh. 

Billing and Payment Options

Lumo Energy allows you to pay your bill in a number of ways. There are no fees on debit and credit cards. You can also pay via BPAY, call, cheque in the mail, or in person at Australia Post.

Manage Lumo Energy Online

Lumo Energy creates a basic online account for customers where they can manage their payments and addition of new products or services. Lumo Energy does not have a mobile app.

Contact Lumo Energy 

As per customer reviews, Lumo Energy’s customer support is not the best. 

You can contact Lumo Energy in a few ways:

  • Call 1300115866, Monday to Friday between 8am - 8pm, and Saturday between 9am - 5pm

  • Fill in the contact form on Lumo Energy’s website

  • Mail your enquiry to them at — Lumo Energy, PO Box 4136, East Richmond, VIC 3121

Lumo Energy’s Additional Benefits

  • Free standard moves for all electricity and gas plans in Victoria when you switch to Lumo Energy. This includes standard connection or disconnection, meter reading, and fuse insert or removal.

  • When you choose Lumo Energy’s Plus plan for electricity in South Australia, you receive $25 Lumo Rewards Credits for use. You can also receive $50 Lumo Rewards Credits for each quarterly electricity bill or three consecutive monthly bills paid by the due date. But you need to register for Lumo Rewards to avail of these offers.


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